Empowering Your Dreams – It is More Important Now Than Ever


Helping Men and Women to empower the passion that they have had living inside of them for their entire life. Building a career they love, while never forgetting what matters most. If you are interested in personal development and you want to remove the anchors that have been holding you back in life… if you want to unleash the burning desire that you have in your heart…then you are in the right place. Consciousness combined with empowered leadership will help you to master even the most challenging storms.

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In 20 years from now you will be more disappointed in the things that you didn’t do, than the things that you did do.

So throw the bow lines from the dock, let the trade winds fill your sail, and sail away from safe harbor.

Dare to explore, discover, and dream.

Mark Twain


James Evanow- Speaker, Author and Empowerment Coach

James Evanow has a unique way of connecting with his audience. His 24 years as a sea captain gives him an abundance of metaphors and analogies that enable to convey real life situations on leadership and mental preparedness into lessons from the sea that the audience will never forget. Let’s talk about the possibilities.

In his book “Wisdom From the Sea”, James Evanow shares 6 life and death stories and how he learned valuable lessons that would help him to teach thousands the lessons of how to master change, the importance of teamwork in adverse situations, emotional intelligence, leadership, and his favorite chapter, “The Pirate Within”. In this chapter he describes how our Pirate will make decisions that can keep us from realizing our full potential and create awareness on how to hold this part of us at bay. Set your sails and take a ride on an adventurous journey into the power of the sea.

What People Are Saying!

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James goes above and beyond to help his clients. James keeps me on task and I have seen a significant improvement in my organizational skills and productivity. I have attended several of his motivational speaking engagements. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to life, social media and productivity. From the time I started working with James, my business has skyrocketed with approximately 90% growth based on lead gen and sales. This took place over a 6 month period. If you are looking for a coach that is up to date on all of the social media and marketing trends, then James is your man. I would rate James a 10 on a ten star review!
James is the most hard-working, realistic coach I have hired to date. I have hired many coaches in my different careers, both in person and on-line. I have spent thousands of dollars on gaining their expertise in different areas. Although I don’t regret hiring these coaches, some are more valuable than others. I can honestly say that James Evanow has been the most valuable for me! Let me just finish by saying I would not only hire him again, but look forward to the growth that my business and I personally make in the coming months with his expertise and motivation.

James Evanow has been absolutely priceless for my business and my sanity. He is constantly pointing out my value, making me think long term and realize how much potential I have. There is the tech side that he helps me put into play with the use of different systems and organizational tools. This rounds out the whole package value I get with James. He has patiently been cultivating me for the last few months and I look forward to the many more years of working with this dynamic human. If I could some up James in a few words I would say high integrity, great forethought and always looking for the best way to support his clients. 

I have worked with James for my websites and marketing strategies. I couldn’t be happier with the success so far! After more than 6 years trying to get on Google, I am finally showing up in searches. My new logos are beautiful and eye catching. His creative expertise has been exceptional and I am grateful that I decided to let go of the reins and give James Evanow a shot at it. I plan to become a great company and with James branding me, I know that my name is going to soar! I am looking forward to much success with my new website and logos. With James, I am finally getting this business off the ground!

Janice Debo Founder and Owner-Janice Debo Network Consulting, Redmond, OR

James is a visionary in many ways. He sees the gifts in his clients that they don’t even see in themselves. That’s where I was. Sometimes you do something so naturally, it is hard to see that for yourself. He sees those gifts and draws it out of people. I knew I was a natural networker, but never considered it was a gift of such great value but James saw it and is helping me develop it to be paid for my gifts. He is a natural networker as well and sees how to connect people. He has the gift of bringing out the best in people and encouraging them. I can’t recommend him enough as he will help you see in yourself what others see!

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